Change What Money Makes You Feel


There are people that spend money and people that save money. What are the reasons for this? Our spending habits are determined by the way we think about money and our over all money attitudes. If you want to change the way you spend money, you must change your attitude about it.

We learn how and what to think about money at a very early age- how do you view money? As children, we see our parents and how they handle the money they have. Some of us had parents that made very little money, and some of use had parents that made much more money at their jobs.

Wherever you came from, the way you feel about money has probably come from those around you, including unhealthy views. If money was a sore topic in your home, you are likely to avoid discussing it. This could lead to bad habits such as overspending, and money being even more taboo.

If you were fortunate enough to have a good supply of money, you could not know naturally how to limit your spending as an adult. Even if you find you are not as well-off as your parents, you may be likely to spend as if you had a higher income. This type of money attitude can get away from you rather quickly.

Childhood stories about money can also mimic real life. For instance Ebenezer Scrooge- he grew up without money, and as an adult he was obsessed with it. He gave up all other pleasures- only his money was important to him. Who wants to end up living like that?

Work to change your attitude towards money to be more positive. If you have the desire to change your attitude, you’ve reached the first step. It’s not an easy one, but with determination, you can certainly change these beliefs.

Arrange a visit with a financial advisor to discuss your situation. Talk with your advisor about your view and any worries or concerns you have about money. Let them know your financial goals. A good financial advisor will take your finances and can create a portfolio for you, showing you how to invest and what to invest in.

Financial advisors may also be able to work with you to help design a budget. If you are tight spending money, a budget can help you set aside money for extras each month. Someone with a frugal attitude about money may not wish to set aside money for extras, but they can learn. Hopefully, they will learn to relax and to enjoy the rewards of money at some point in the future.

Big spenders should learn to use a budget to scale back their spending. Learn to spend for special occasions, and not excessively every day. Money won’t continue to come in this way, unless we plan for it to continue. Spenders must realize that they need to learn to save money for later on in life.

Have you thought about your money attitude and the way you think about money? If you’re thinking about your quality of life long-term, consider speaking with a financial advisor and making some healthy changes to your money attitude.


Money Tip – Change One Habit


Are you still doing the same old tired things and hoping for different results? You want to increase your income by 20% this year. But you haven’t actually done anything to make it happen. You know this is the definition of insanity, right? Isn’t it time to change your mind? And a habit or two?

A change in your habits or behavior will bring about new results in your life. Shake things up! Take wobbly toddler steps in the right direction to get you started.

I stopped watching TV. As I watched successful people “entertain” me out of using my time more productively on my own projects, I decided it was crazy to watch them do their jobs at the expense of my own. So for the first time in years, I did not watch the Australian Open tennis tournament. I left Venus and Serena Williams to handle their business and I handled mine. It was liberating! Serena won without me. And I finished a new information product. I love it when I take action!

You might want to introduce a daily walk to your routine. Use it to get clear on your goals as you clip along at a steady pace. Or spend 10 minutes meditating first thing in the morning. Or say two affirmations that resonate with you. Or list five things for which you’re grateful at the end of the day.

Take focused action. Decide one thing that you will accomplish today. Not just activities, but an accomplishment — a completed assignment you can check off the To-Do list. Let it represent a mindset and momentum shift for you. Commit that you will complete it by noon, or 3pm. Accept no excuses.

Will you write that proposal that has been nagging you? If it is not an income-producing project, is it operational? Might you compile this month’s bills in one place – like a file folder? How about listing all of your expenses and totaling them? Give yourself the power of knowing exactly where you are financially. It means you have to stop playing games with yourself. What was that – Money Masturbation 101? Enough already.

Change some variable in your results equation to achieve the outcomes you desire. Make a change in your routine. Do it daily. Adopt habits to develop and strengthen your mental and money muscles. Do it for seven days. Then for seven more. Expect to see different results.

Let me know what habit you adopted, or unproductive habit you stopped. Did it help?


Does Money Change You?


I do not believe money changes you, however, it certainly changes the people around you. Use purchase orders and contractor agreement contracts from the start of your business.

Purchase orders can be created out of any accounting software program such as Quick Books or Peachtree. A purchase order is a written authorization for goods and services, specifying the price and terms of payment. This is a legally binding contract once accepted by both parties. I would advise to use this method for all expenses unless you are using a company credit card for items like hotel room, trade show reservations, etc. Make sure you use a purchase order for the manufacture of your product.

Remember, you are a boss or business owner first. Personal relationships can easily cloud your judgment when you are inexperienced. When I was away exhibiting in almost monthly trade shows, I delegated the responsibility to order office and shipping supplies to a trusted employee. I found out later that the supply companies often offer gifts for certain levels of purchases. As a result, the employee would order $150.00 worth of supplies when we needed much less in order to receive a free small TV, radio or such. Employees left unchecked often will spend a lot of your hard-earned money. Months after discovering this ordering scheme, I still have enough pens and other supplies to last me for years to come.

When you hire an independent contractor, be sure you prepare and have a signed contractor agreement. If you do not have such an agreement in place you may not own the material produced by the contractor. This applies to such items as your web site, brochure, photos of your product, and even your company logo.

On the search engines, such as Google, you can find examples to download free for use simply by typing the terms work for hire and contractor agreement contract. I also advise you to use a purchase order with all the terms clearly spelled out. In the case of graphic artwork, make sure you have a disk of all artwork delivered to you before payment. Always specify that your company will own all rights to the material produced under the agreement.

It is advisable to file copyright protection on your company logo and other important artwork.

When some accountants, lawyers, and graphic designers, etc., see money coming in, you may experience a sudden increase in their fees for services rendered. You need to guard against this no matter how well you think you know them or how long you have been doing business with them.


Money Changes Everything


The economic challenges of the past couple of years have carved a new business landscape, opening new perspectives about the way we market our products and handle the many bits or bytes of information we need to operate our businesses.

While economic trends may still fall short of expectations, recent technological trends have given us more marketing choices, improved CMS technology and more space in which to compete.

More Web; less print. As budgets shrank and pressure grew, businesses discovered that online campaigns are less expensive, faster to implement and can be measured more easily than traditional print campaigns in terms of design, production, mailing and measurement.

Although marketing online requires a steep learning curve, most agree it’s one worth navigating. Using a business website and other online resources, you can advertise your product and boost sales for a fraction of the cost of print. Email and social media are free and online advertising is pay-per-click. Nobody uses the phone book anymore. Why pay for an ad?

Ad networks are specializing, making targeting much easier. Whether you want to attract young mothers, teenagers, mid-level execs or boomers, there should be a network appropriate for your ad and its message.

An increasing number of free analytics tools give businesses a host of options with which to measure success. These tools measure everything from the effectiveness of an ad’s position on a page to tracking click patterns and behavior using heatmaps and overlays. Survey tools help you plan the campaign before it even begins.

Finally, a rule book! Because of this powerful shift from offline to online, content is more important than ever. And Yahoo is helping those of us who depend on good content to produce it. On July 6 they are releasing a stylebook that will help clarify things like SEO and the new legalities associated with the digital age as well as providing a brush up on grammar and usage.

Managing content has never been easier, either. There are all kinds of new software coming to a developer near you that will enhance your CMS, ECM and WCM and unify communications to make interface systems communicate with each other more effectively.

Along those lines, it goes without saying that mobile technology has staked its claim of the landscape and being able to have your server and hard drive play nicely with your phone-and others’ phones-is critical to future success in this new realm. New API and SOA technologies offer solutions that make successfully managing content and data across various media possible. And with President Barack Obama’s wireless spectrum plan, Americans-and those wanting to do business with them-will have more room in which to do it in!

Going outside for help. Given that the technical landscape is expanding at a faster rate than the economic one, companies are outsourcing IT services for big-scale projects, allowing their in-house talent to focus on daily operations.


Money Changes Everything – Twenty-Two Writers Tackle the Last Taboo


Money Changes Everything

Twenty-Two Writers Tackle the Last Taboo with Tales of Sudden Windfalls, Staggering Debts, and Other Surprising Turns of Fortune

Edited by Jenny Offill and Elissa Schappell

We live in a tell-all culture. Sex, troubles with our kids, complaints about our spouses, and even our indiscretions are acceptable dinner table conversation-or at least OK while sharing a latte. Our money side in contrast is kept hidden from view.

Money is loved, feared, and worshiped. Some see it as dirty, not in keeping with a spiritual life, unnecessary. It can make a god-fearing person swear and ordinarily loving couples spit fire. Money can change everything.

The editors of this book put it this way, “To shine a light on how much we make, how much we spend, how much we owe, and how much we’ve got secretly socked away is to give others a potent glimpse into the values we live by. Because of this, admitting to money troubles can often feel like admitting to a weakness of character.”

The money troubles coin has two sides. “Shrinks have coined the phrase “affluenza” to describe the angst and aimlessness that arise from being so wealthy you don’t have to work for a living. Yet despite their insistence that affluenza can be a genuine hardship, therapists are finding it a hard sell to make others feel sorry for their clients. Most people can sympathize with the pain and struggle of the less fortunate, but the anxieties that attend being “too rich” are much harder to imagine” write the editors.

So silence and hiding are the order of the day whether the wolf is at the door or the view from the penthouse leaves you wanting.

Jenny Offill and Elissa Schappell, brought together twenty-two great writers who agreed to write about how their lives have been shaped, complicated and/or enhanced by this often hidden aspect of our lives.

The writing is sometimes comic, as in Chris Offut’s story Porn Bought My Football. It can also be achingly sad and as in Marian Fontana’s, A Dollar A Tear, about the money she received after her husband was killed in NYC on 9/11.

The writing is always brilliant.

Fred Leebron and Kathryn Rhett are married and each recalls their version of the money game as they describe their early lives together. Did they really experience the same things? His is titled For Richer, hers, For Poorer. It represents the wedding vow but also the way money can divide otherwise loving couples.

Walter Kirn in Treasure Me tells of failed marriages because they were based on his using his money to perhaps buy affection and love. He “tallies up just how much it costs to have sex” and does it in a very funny way.

Daniel Handler, author of the Lemony Snicket series and no slouch in the money earning category wrote a few pages titled “Winning.” His idea for this essay was to buy a $1200 bottle of wine. He begins by asking, “Do you want to know what a $1200 bottle of wine tastes like? Of course you do.”

His agent warns him that he shouldn’t write this essay. “$1200 on a bottle of wine?” she asks. “It’s immoral. People are going to attack you. People are going to call you an immoral person” she warned.

“That’s what I’m interested in,” said Daniel. “I keep telling people about this bottle of wine. First everybody wants some, then everybody thinks it’s immoral. This is the thing with money.”

And so it is and the remaining eighteen writers pose equally thought provoking ideas through their behind the scenes, behind their money accounts. Have some fun with these writers and think about your own money stories. How has money or a lack of it had an impact on your life over the years?


Blogging Tips to Make Money Blogging


The fact of the matter is that most bloggers, even popular bloggers, do not make money blogging, not what you would consider good money. But there are a small minority of people who are making a killing by operating blogs. Yes, it can be done. I’ve compiled the top tips for bloggers that actually want to make money blogging.

1. Blog for search traffic

Writing a popular blog post that gets a lot of social traffic is fleeting. Even if your article makes to the front page of a site like the traffic boost that you receive will be momentary. If, on the other hand, one of your blog posts ranks for a popular search keyword on Google that same article can bring you traffic for months, even years.

In addition search traffic is targeted traffic. When your article about, say, Blogging Tips ranks number one in Google for “blogging tips” you will only get traffic from people who are looking for information on blogging tips. This will, quite frankly, make you a lot more money as your traffic will be targeted to your content and offers.

2. Write long posts

It is better to write one long blog post with your top ten blogging tips than it is to write 10 one hundred word entries containing one tip each. The reason for this is that it will be easier to rank a 1000 word post in the search engines than it will be to rank a 100 word post. Additionally, you can more easily promote one post and others can promote it for you by linking to it.

3. Sell something

If the point of your blog is to talk about your day then you will not make money. The point of your blog has to be to encourage some kind of profitable activity. The fact of the matter is that reading is not a commercial. When a person comes to your blog and reads your content, no money changes hand. The simple act of reading does not make you (or anyone else) money. Even your advertisers will pull their advertising if your readers only read.

If you recommend a product on your blog you will be able to earn affiliate commissions when your readers take your advice and buy the product. It is best if you have a product of your own to promote and sell, though affiliate marketing is probably more attainable for the average blogger.

Even if you refuse to specifically market any products you must at least be willing to sell your traffic to someone who will try to market to them. You can sell traffic by using a program like AdSense or by selling advertising directly.

4. Write about a topic that is commercial

For every blogger who writes about their favorite sports team or political party, I can show you a blogger who has a day job that they have to report to every morning. Bloggers that write about their passions, unless your passion is making money, are not getting rich generally. In order to make money from a blog you need to encourage some sort of profitable activity. Like I said, nobody (especially not the blogger) makes any money when somebody reads their words.

Some topics lend themselves naturally to blogging. Unfortunately, these are the topics you least want to blog because the market is so crowded. I often use the example of politics but another good one is personal finance. Personal finance is a wonderful topic to blog about in theory because it is both commercial (there are lots of advertisers and products for the blogger to recommend) and easy to write about. The problem is that there are thousands of other blogs in the niche already. This is a problem if you want to make any money in the next year. Yes, you may be able to make money with a personal finance blog in time, but it will take a lot of patience. Which brings us to our next tip.

5. Blog where there are no blogs

If you find a topic that is commercial and has products to promote and advertisers to advertise and you can’t think of a single other blog who blogs about that topic, you may have hit the jackpot. Today, there are blogs about just about every mainline thing that you can think, so you have to be willing to dig down into micro-niches or niches that are not so obvious. You can make a lot more money as the single blog in a $10 niche than you can as one-blog-among-a-million in a $1000 niche.

The best topics for new bloggers are those topics which are a little bit unappealing to the masses. For instance, if you come upon a niche that seems promising but that you would be embarrassed to have your name attached to then you might have a winner. And remember that there are lots of bloggers who write under pen names.

Those are my top five tips for making money blogging and I can assure you that if you follow those guidelines and are willing to work hard you can make a very nice living online.


Career Change – Teachers Have a Big Advantage in Changing Careers


If handled properly a career change for a teacher may not be a difficult task. A teacher has a level of skills and training that is in demand in a variety of jobs and industries.

First, the career change may not take in leaving the teaching field altogether. With a few strategic changes, some training courses and the teacher may find they have the qualifications to change what they are teaching. A different age level or subject may be what is needed to put some spark into the teaching career.

If the teacher career change is more drastic-finding a job in private industry-teaching skills are in great demand. The ability to communicate along with the classroom coaching abilities is vital in many interesting jobs. Perhaps, teaching skills will be a significant component in the new job. Abilities like sharing information between different groups of workers, training of staff in new skills and procedures, developing training courses and to teach and coach team members are needed skills in many companies and organizations.

Once the decision is made by the teacher to make a career change a comprehensive analysis of their interests and abilities must be made. New careers must be researched in depth. Don’t rely on statements from friends or coworkers that, “there is no money in that job,” or, “that job is a dead end,” or, “you would never qualify for that kind of job.” Be open minded and test all the job assumptions. With this type of flexible approach it will soon become clear which direction they will be headed.

By properly positioning the teaching skills on the resume, along with appropriate extra study and training, the teacher’s new resume should give them an excellent shot at whatever new career they have chosen. Employers are looking for candidates with excellent communication skills, individuals that work well in a team setting, administrative and organizational skills and the ability to learn and progress in the job. Teachers have these qualities in depth the key is to translate the abilities to language that fit the prospective job.

Bottom line: the teacher’s career change should involve moving into another job or career that fits the teacher’s interests. Will the new job be interesting enough so going to work each morning is greeted with enthusiasm? If so it could be a winner. Moreover, the teacher’s basic skills will enhance any position applied for. The abilities to teach and assist other team members are an ideal trait that will add considerable value to the workplace.

For whatever reason the decision was make by the teacher to make a career change, the opportunities to find a productive and rewarding career away from the classroom has never been better and is increasing all the time.


Foreign Currencies As Investment Vehicles


In many people’s mind, investment vehicles comes in various forms, with the higher risk, higher returns vehicles being stocks, foreign exchange followed by mutual funds and ETFs, and finally the safest, low returns vehicles are treasuries, fixed deposits and bonds.

Is that really true? And is it a fair comparison for fixed deposits in today’s market? That is the question I’m going to answer in this article.

Fixed Deposits, or Certificates of Deposits as known in the United States, is a contract you have with a bank to lend it a fixed amount of money for a fixed period at a fixed interest rate, after which you would get your money plus the interest back into your account.

The interest rates given is usually dependent on the period you place the deposit for, the longer the higher interest. While practically guaranteed, the interest rates are usually pretty low when compared with the returns you can get using other vehicles, which is why it is considered a low risk, low return vehicle.

However, with today’s global market integration, it is no longer difficult to move money across countries. In fact, with a click of a button, you can transfer money from China to the United States, or from the United Kingdom to Singapore, using the bank’s exchange rates. With this, a whole new arena has been created for those who are looking for good yield and cashflow, all in the same vehicle.

Today, as EUR is still consolidating at 1.36, down from its last peak of 1.60, while the NZD is at 0.71, up from its last bottom of 0.5. Having bought the Kiwi at 0.51 fourteen months back, and earning 4.5% interest per annum, my holdings had increased 40%, while having an annual cashflow of 4.5%. I’m changing my money into the EUR to cash in on the profits while taking advantage of the current depressed price of the EUR, to get an interest rate of 1.25% per annum.

So can Fixed Deposits still be a safe and low return vehicle for investment? The answer is definitely yes. But at the same time, Fixed Deposits can also be used as a cash flow instrument or hedge in foreign currency bets. This kind of investment has been done by locals going to the   money   changers  and holding the paper currencies, but with the kind of global integration right now, you can make  money  with the paper currency you are currently holding.

So while the basic idea of a Fixed Deposit being a low risk and low return instrument, it can no longer be totally ignored as an alternative instrument for a higher risk, higher return global currency investment.


Apple Watch: A Game Changer or a Gimmick?


Apple has finally announced the new Apple Watch at the Apple Live Event back on September 9th this year and it’s due to be released in early 2015. There has been much speculation as to the design, functionality and even the name. It was previously referred to as the iWatch and even iOS Watch by some. This device is the company’s first developed technology that is fully wearable.

People today set many new trends when it comes to technology. The emergence of smartphones is also the product of continuing innovations throughout the years. Nowadays, all major smartphone manufacturers invest heavily into extensive research and development projects. The goal is to create the latest and greatest unique technologies. Apples latest attempt at this alongside the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has taken the form of a wearable wristwatch.

The concept of a smart watch is nothing new. An early example of the smart watch was a product called the Pebble Watch which was released back in 2013. The Pebble Watch allowed users to receive notifications, view emails, check the weather and display a wide variety of custom information. Just like the Apple Watch, the Pebble Watch needed to be connected to your smartphone to benefit from most features. So now lets take a look at the Apple Watch in more detail and evaluate if it really will be a game changer or simply just another gimmick.


The Apple watch at first glance looks much like your typical wristwatch but with many innovative features. It has two different sizes, for people with both small and larger wrists. There are different variations of the Apple watch. The first is made of stainless steel, the second from luxurious 18-carat gold and third is made of aluminum. The watch straps are to be available come in a number of colors and materials. The Apple Watch will also be interchangeable using magnetic technology.

It is important to note that the Apple watch is NOT a stand-alone device. It is connected via Bluetooth and Wi-fi to an iPhone running iOS. It will not work independently and like the Samsung Galaxy Gear, must be connected to an Apple device. If you are an android user then it’s probably not a good idea to by an Apple Watch as you will need to switch to the iOS platform in order for the watch to function.

The screen is made from sapphire crystal glass that has a strong resistance to scrapes and scratches. Let’s face it, there is not point having a $349 watch if it damages easily. It also has a very sensitive touchscreen that can sense the slightest touch or tap. It’s tap function will let you easily select an item on the screen and it also has “force touch” that is the equivalent to right clicking on a mouse for faster access.

The Apple watch features a “Digital Crown” which enables you to turn or twist the crown for zooming functions and it can also be pressed. This is something that Apple is very proud of as the digital crown is a unique and innovative advancement. The digital crown functions alongside the touchscreen and has a click wheel control. It enables you to zoom in and out and scroll up and down completely eliminating to need for pinch and zoom. The digital crown also acts as the home but and will return you to the app menu when pressed.

The Apple Watch also has a built-in taptic engine which vibrates on your wrist to alert you when you receive a notification such as an incoming messages or email. It’s also integrated through Siri, an intelligent personal assistant and serves as your navigator.

There are a range of apps designed for the Apple Watch. A mini notification system called “Glances” provides for instant notifications. Glances provided a user interface of all relevant notifications from apps such as maps, passbook, photos, messages, weather and mail. It also has the Friends app which gives you a convenient way to connect with your friends by tapping on your friend’s image to send a message or even make a phone call. You can even send a reply directly through the Apple Watch without having to interact with your iPhone. The Apple Watch comes with integrated audio capabilities including a fully operational speaker and microphone.

The Apple Watch functions as a monitoring device for your health and fitness activities. It holds a number of health and fitness apps that give you a tailored experience in providing health related information such as calorie burn performance. It also includes a workout app that will display your exercise stats and progress. The Apple Watch has a number of small sensors to perform functions like tracking your heart beat and the number of steps you take. The new Apple Pay has been integrated into the Apple Watch too. You will be able to directly pay for purchases by swiping the watch though Apply Pay, Apples new money payment system.

A Game Changer or a Gimmick?

It is far too early to give a definitive answer as to whether the Apple Watch will be a game changer and set the standard to become a must have gadget. It’s important to note that this is NOT the first smart watch to be developed but it does have a number of highly competitive features when compared to other smart watch models currently available on the market today. The simple fact it is an Apple product will also help Apple gain more attention than some of it’s lesser known rivals with fewer features. Another factor to consider that sets the Apple watch apart from the competition is the elegant and premium design that Apple has chosen to develop. The device may very well turn out to be just a gimmick but it certainly is a nice one. Other companies like Samsung who have created a smart watch before have so far failed to generate a successful impact on customers. Will Apple be different I wonder?

There does seem to be a fairly substantial amount of initial interest in the Apple Watch both in the media and online. So maybe this kind of wearable technology is what customers want since it’s an entirely new experience and very different from interacting via a smartphones or tablets. Will the Apple Watch complement the smartphone and also become a respectable product or will it lose interest and become irrelevant?

Game changer or a gimmick, the Apple Watch is still a great early breakthrough in the wearable technology industry. There will almost certainly be a number of future updates / improvements by Apple through the coming months to streamline and enrich this product based on feedback. The Apple Watch still has a great opportunity to set the standard for wearable devices. Even as a gimmick it showcases the best technology design and is an excellent idea in principle.

So will the Apple Watch succeed where others have failed and convince the consumer that this is a MUST HAVE product? Only time will tell.


Choosing Software to Change IP


These days, it is important for us personal computer users to use software to change IP for surfing anonymously on the internet. Hiding or changing our IP has become vital for our protection and privacy while we browse the Internet. Many businesses based on Internet and computer innovations are also stepping up in the production of software that hides or changes IP to offer to customers and buyers. These days, there are a lot of IP changers available online to choose from.

We should not just choose any software that we find online, of course. It’s just like how we choose any other software and program. We look at the reviews of those who already tried the product, read their comments, and analyze the ratings of the product with its competing products. Knowing which program is the most commonly used and well-liked by your peers in the online community may be what could save you from unwise software shopping.

In choosing an IP changer, let us first ask ourselves whether we want a free product or one that is on sale. Majority would prefer the free software. Financially speaking, free is always the better choice. But the software might prove to be ineffective, and may even cause some damage to your configurations. In this case, free is not always the best solution.

When thinking about acquiring free software, we have to think there will be disadvantages. Not everything is bad about a free IP changer. It will still serve its purpose in hiding or changing our IP. It is also easier to use if you are a beginner, and with an acceptable Internet connection speed. But we have to consider that despite these advantages, the tool may also have its downside. The main disadvantage of a free software is that you will rarely get support, and that most of these software only works with Internet Explorer. For those using Firefox or other browsers, you may have to do some configuration of your own.

If you’re thinking of purchasing an IP changer that is not free, make sure that it is worth your money. With paid software, there is usually the thought that the software is more advanced in performance, speed, etc. This is not always true, though, and this you have to look out for. Still, paid software does come with quality. You will have a fast Internet connection speed and the IPs provided for you are all clean and not blocked or banned. There might only be a limited number of them available for your usage though. There is also the fact that with paid software, you can get support and assistance from the providers if you need them.

With the many products being offered on the Internet, it is natural to feel confused about which one to purchase or download. We’ll just narrow your choices to those that are compatible with your computer, and which ones have the most needed features. It is also recommended to try on a trial version of the product. However you go about it, you should take careful steps in choosing an IP changer for your personal computer.