Change What Money Makes You Feel


There are people that spend money and people that save money. What are the reasons for this? Our spending habits are determined by the way we think about money and our over all money attitudes. If you want to change the way you spend money, you must change your attitude about it.

We learn how and what to think about money at a very early age- how do you view money? As children, we see our parents and how they handle the money they have. Some of us had parents that made very little money, and some of use had parents that made much more money at their jobs.

Wherever you came from, the way you feel about money has probably come from those around you, including unhealthy views. If money was a sore topic in your home, you are likely to avoid discussing it. This could lead to bad habits such as overspending, and money being even more taboo.

If you were fortunate enough to have a good supply of money, you could not know naturally how to limit your spending as an adult. Even if you find you are not as well-off as your parents, you may be likely to spend as if you had a higher income. This type of money attitude can get away from you rather quickly.

Childhood stories about money can also mimic real life. For instance Ebenezer Scrooge- he grew up without money, and as an adult he was obsessed with it. He gave up all other pleasures- only his money was important to him. Who wants to end up living like that?

Work to change your attitude towards money to be more positive. If you have the desire to change your attitude, you’ve reached the first step. It’s not an easy one, but with determination, you can certainly change these beliefs.

Arrange a visit with a financial advisor to discuss your situation. Talk with your advisor about your view and any worries or concerns you have about money. Let them know your financial goals. A good financial advisor will take your finances and can create a portfolio for you, showing you how to invest and what to invest in.

Financial advisors may also be able to work with you to help design a budget. If you are tight spending money, a budget can help you set aside money for extras each month. Someone with a frugal attitude about money may not wish to set aside money for extras, but they can learn. Hopefully, they will learn to relax and to enjoy the rewards of money at some point in the future.

Big spenders should learn to use a budget to scale back their spending. Learn to spend for special occasions, and not excessively every day. Money won’t continue to come in this way, unless we plan for it to continue. Spenders must realize that they need to learn to save money for later on in life.

Have you thought about your money attitude and the way you think about money? If you’re thinking about your quality of life long-term, consider speaking with a financial advisor and making some healthy changes to your money attitude.