Money Tip – Change One Habit


Are you still doing the same old tired things and hoping for different results? You want to increase your income by 20% this year. But you haven’t actually done anything to make it happen. You know this is the definition of insanity, right? Isn’t it time to change your mind? And a habit or two?

A change in your habits or behavior will bring about new results in your life. Shake things up! Take wobbly toddler steps in the right direction to get you started.

I stopped watching TV. As I watched successful people “entertain” me out of using my time more productively on my own projects, I decided it was crazy to watch them do their jobs at the expense of my own. So for the first time in years, I did not watch the Australian Open tennis tournament. I left Venus and Serena Williams to handle their business and I handled mine. It was liberating! Serena won without me. And I finished a new information product. I love it when I take action!

You might want to introduce a daily walk to your routine. Use it to get clear on your goals as you clip along at a steady pace. Or spend 10 minutes meditating first thing in the morning. Or say two affirmations that resonate with you. Or list five things for which you’re grateful at the end of the day.

Take focused action. Decide one thing that you will accomplish today. Not just activities, but an accomplishment — a completed assignment you can check off the To-Do list. Let it represent a mindset and momentum shift for you. Commit that you will complete it by noon, or 3pm. Accept no excuses.

Will you write that proposal that has been nagging you? If it is not an income-producing project, is it operational? Might you compile this month’s bills in one place – like a file folder? How about listing all of your expenses and totaling them? Give yourself the power of knowing exactly where you are financially. It means you have to stop playing games with yourself. What was that – Money Masturbation 101? Enough already.

Change some variable in your results equation to achieve the outcomes you desire. Make a change in your routine. Do it daily. Adopt habits to develop and strengthen your mental and money muscles. Do it for seven days. Then for seven more. Expect to see different results.

Let me know what habit you adopted, or unproductive habit you stopped. Did it help?